Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bert and Ernie Pumpkins

Last year my husband had to decorate some pumpkins to take into work for a contest. They weren't allowed to carve them. He decided to do Bert and Ernie.

He gave me an idea of materials he wanted to use, I did the shopping and then he did all the work. I think I may have only done touch up painting on the ears but other than that my husband did all the creating himself and ended up with quite the masterpiece.

He did amazing huh?!

Although I have no pictures of him doing the project here is list of some of the items I remember him using.

* Black Yarn
* Felt - white, black, orange, red
* Paint - rust color, red, orange
* Foam - ball and egg shape
* Hot glue gun
* Paint brush

I think that's it!  Although not shown, once displayed at his school he placed some of our son's red and blue striped pajamas under the pumpkins for the clothes. It was the perfect touch!

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