Friday, June 18, 2010

Second Hand Clothes For Kids

Tessa drew on her shirt with permanent marker, Dominic cut a hole in his pants and Macie drew a kitty face on the thigh of her jeans. Buying new clothes for my kids just isn't worth it.

80% of the clothes my children wear are hand-me-downs or purchased second hand. It just makes sense. Why pay full price when the wear and tear happens so quickly? I know my 4 year old doesn't care if his jeans are $5 or $15 and neither do I.

Second hand stores are my favorite place to buy kids clothes (garage sales, thrift stores and eBay are also great). The clothes are typically name brand and in great used condition. Prices will range depending on the clothing size. I like paying $2.50 - $3.50 for shirts and $5-7 for pants.  Much more affordable and makes our small clothing budget stretch even farther.

The atmosphere is typically comfortable and child-friendly. All of the second hand stores I've been to have child play areas and they are used to curious toddlers and crying babies. Definitely one of the easiest places to shop with kids in tow.

My favorite store for kids is Once Upon a Child. Last Saturday I went to their 70% off sale. It was a mad house. The aisles were packed and too many hot sweaty bodies brushed up against mine. I waited in line for 45 min to get to the register. (Thankfully my husband was at home with the kids that morning.)

Paying $35 for 23 clothing items (avg. $1.52 an item) made it all worth it! I also bought 2 pairs of soccer cleats and 2 pairs of shoes (20%off) for $21. I saved a total of $80 off already fabulous second hand prices. I can't even imagine what full price in a department store would have been.
You can also sell your gently used items to second hand stores. Most will give you a store credit toward your next purchase.  Others will give you cash on the spot or send a check in the mail.

Now is a great time to shop second hand. Many are having sales to clean out their inventory to prepare for the Fall season.  Ask around or check the Internet to find stores in your area.

Second hand for adults? I like Plato's Closet and thrift stores. Bargain shopping for new clothes at Ross, Marshall's, or TJMaxx is affordable too.

Have you shopped second hand lately? What are your favorite stores?


  1. I like Piccolina in SE or Hoot n Annie here in SW. Also, do they have the Goodwill bins/outlet stores there? If you buy 25lbs or over it is $0.89/lb! I scored some boutique maternity and way cute baby boy clothes there for dirt cheap!

  2. I bought second hand clothes for my children and I think it's the smartest thing to do since kids grow fast and outgrew their clothes quickly.

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