:About Me:

My husband used to tease me that my major in college was Family Science and that being pregnant with our first child at the time of graduation was my final project. He was a Biochemistry major and obviously that sounds much more sophisticated than Family Science. He's in his Orthodontics Residency bending wires and moving teeth. Doesn't sounds like he's using any biochemistry to me. At least I'm cooking, cleaning, mothering, creating, loving, and teaching our kids all day long. I think my major suites me quite well - the Family Scientista!

I'm a simple gal, easy to please really. I love chocolate and ice cream, cooking good food, watching comedies with my husband, the occasional craft, playing with and teaching my kids, saving money, sleeping in, cleaning and organizing, and couldn't be happier in my role as a mother and wife.

Here at The Family Scientista I'll be sharing all the experiments of my homemaking life! So follow along, leave comments or questions, and spread the word if you like what you see and read.

My Husband: 
Cole - smart, organized, funny, hardworking, musician, athlete and my high school sweetheart

About our kids:
M - 8 - smart, dependable, and shy
D - 5 - wildlife fanatic, persistent, in need of a brother
T - 4  - dramatic, funny, and constantly singing
C - 2 - chatty, silly, dancing queen
A- 6 months - tiny, super happy



  1. What a cute family! I am now a follower- found you thru OPT Blog- I am featured there quite a bit as well. Stop by my blog and say 'Hi' sometime!! :)

  2. Just found your blog. You have beautiful family that looks well-loved! Great to see young women loving being mommies.
    Teresa :)

  3. I have seen your blog for awhile now and have you in my page as someone I see all the time! I love your things, but only now I was looking around and your family page! They are all so handsome and happy!! Beautiful family, and I was even happier to learn we share so many important things as well our faith! In fact, even without I didn't know you were someone special!! and now I know why!! hope you a happy Christmas with your beautiful family!!

  4. Love your site!

    I work with AllFreeHolidayCrafts and have been trying to contact you. Please email me if there is a good way to reach you. Thanks!

    Adam Kaplan

  5. Beautiful family! I just had to comment, my name is Daisha as well. I NEVER run into anyone with my name so I thought that was kind of cool. I cant wait to look through your site!

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