Monday, June 14, 2010

Hot/Cold Neck Wrap for Dad

Father's Day is coming up fast. If you're looking for a quick, easy, and inexpensive homemade gift I have the perfect idea for you. A Hot/Cold Neck Wrap is the perfect gift for any dad, grandpa, or husband out there. Wouldn't your dad/husband love to have a cold wrap around their neck after mowing the lawn on a hot summer day or a warm wrap for those aching muscles?!

Items you'll need:
1/4 yard flannel fabric
4 cups of rice
Sewing machine

No need to prewash your fabric. This item can't be washed in the washing machine, only spot cleaned since it has rice in it.

You will need to cut your 1/4 yard flannel strip in half so it is 21X9 inches or similar depending on your fabric. 1/4 yard will actually make 2 neck wraps.

Next, fold your fabric in half lengthwise so the right side are together. Pin your fabric together so it stays in place.

Then you will sew just two sides about a quarter of an inch from the edge - lengthwise and one short end (I like to use the edge of my presser foot as a guide). Be sure to back stitch to secure your thread.

Now turn your fabric back out so you are seeing the right side. Next pour the rice inside the fabric sleeve you just sewed. I used 3.5 cups in my wrap, but you might find you'd like a little more or less. Just hold the end shut with your hand and put the wrap around your neck to see how it feels and to determine how much rice you'd like to use. Just be sure to leave enough room inside so it isn't stiff and can wrap around the neck.

Next shake all the rice down to the closed end so you can hem the opening closed. Tuck the raw edges inside the wrap about 1/4 inch and then pin or hold closed.
Lastly, sew the wrap closed by sewing very close to the edge (about 1/8 inch) and back stitch to secure your thread.

Now my friends you have just made a hot/cold neck wrap that will be the perfect homemade gift for dad! Something he's sure to love.

Like it Hot? Heat the wrap in the microwave for 60-90 seconds. I promise it won't burn. Like it Cold? Just put it in the freezer. Simple. As. That.

Here are a few reasons I love this wrap:
1. Very easy to make. It only took me about 30 minutes, probably less if I'd done it without kids around.
2. Very cheap. Flannel was on sale for $2.50 a yard - so only 62 cents for a 1/4 yard! Remember that a 1/4 yard actually makes 2 wraps so it's only 31 cents each! A few cups of rice won't cost you but a dollar or two.
3. These wraps kept my husband's feet very warm this past winter. We have all wood floors which freeze our feet so he'd warm up the wrap and rest his feet on it.
4. I've used the wrap with ice and heat on my sore knee after running. It helped a lot!
5. I've heard, but not tried, that jasmine rice will give off a fabulous aroma. Might be worth a try.

6 Days 'til Father's Day!

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  1. Daisha,
    Your cute MOM blog is amazing! I am so impressed with your skills and tips. I will definately be visiting it often for ideas. I aleady want to try freezer jam this summer. I may need to refer to your tips for help :)

  2. Thanks for being my first commentor Jenn!!

  3. How fun Daisha! Thanks for starting up a great idea. Can't wait to see all the great tips you have. We miss you all!

  4. Daisha,
    This is so fun. Great job! I have made the rice pack before and love them. I used flax once but like the rice better. I made slip covers for mine so I can keep them clean. Works great. I used the same material and made them just like the bag only just a hair bigger.

    It's great to read about your kids. You're a fun mom. Bonnie

  5. He is one lucky Dad! My husband would love that. I have to try that out since i love to sew! You have a great blog! I am your new follower. Come by and visit me at

  6. I see you're not blogging anymore, but I wanted to let you know I pinned this and am linking to it for my "gifts for men" day in a Christmas series. Thanks for the tutorial! :)


  7. Thanks so much for the easy wrap tute. I plan on making a bunch for my girlfriends.

  8. Good idea. In my case i use the Mission Multi-Cool neck wrap, help's good, but i think handmade is cool too.



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