Monday, December 5, 2011


Another fabulous thrift store find for me was these two paper mache reindeer. I instantly loved them but knew they needed a little work to fit in my silver and red theme I have going on.

Here they are in the garage getting ready to be spray painted. Not too bad . . . just not what I wanted.

After a few coats of paint, a red ribbon and some holly from my yard and I now have two reindeer that I love!

You're probably thinking that there is no way you are going to find these darling reindeer in your thrift store. You might be right, but take a chance and go look and see what you can find . . . maybe you'll find some awesome snowman, santa, sleigh etc. . .  that could use a little make-over.

If you really want some reindeer I've hear that some craft stores sell items like this or I did find some online that look almost identical  . . . go HERE.

Happy thrifting everyone!

** To see both reindeer and my finished mantle click HERE**

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