Sunday, November 20, 2011


The past 6 months have been very very busy for our family. Here is a quick update.

At the very end of may we had our 5th baby, Alice! Then a short 4 weeks later my husband graduated from his orthodontics Residency (in Virginia) and we moved across the country to Oregon. We drove the 3,000 miles back home and once we arrived in Salem we enjoyed 3 family reunions!

In July work got started on my husband's new office. To most, starting a new business in a floundering economy seems like the craziest thing to do (and it kinda did to us too), but we know it is right for us. We thought, prayed, and fasted about this decision for many many months. We know this is where our family is supposed to be and what we are supposed to do.

So with continued prayer, faith and loads of hard work it happened . . . the office was built and Johnson Family Orthodontics was born! We opened almost 2 months ago.

We are so excited for this new adventure for our family!

Did I ever mention I had braces recently? I actually got them off a few short weeks before the baby was born. I couldn't be happier with the end result. The only thing I'd change about it was that I would have been able to get them when I was a kid instead, but it was so worth getting them as an adult too.

The After and my adorable mom who just got braces!

If you've ever had interest in knowing more about braces I invite you to take a peek at our website There is a lot of great information on there and my husband even has his own blog and videos too! How fun is that?!

From the website:

At JFO, we encourage our patients to radiate their true personality through their smile. Whether they are young or young at heart, we want them to grow into themselves while looking at life with the confidence of a stunning smile.

So come as you are. This is a place where comfort is paramount. Let us help you live, grow and smile. This is Johnson Family Orthodontics.

P.S. Stick around because now that life is slowing down a bit I think I'm feeling brave enough to start posting a few of the fun projects and recipes our family has been making!

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