Saturday, October 16, 2010

No Slip Socks

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Most of you have probably already switched out your flips flops for slippers or socks. My littlest is just learning to walk and loves to crawl up our stairs. Our house is nothing but old hardwood floors. In order to keep her toes warm and not have her slipping around the house I pulled out an old classic -

puff paint!

I love the non-slip socks you can buy for kids, but not the price. In keeping with my frugal efforts I "stickied" up my baby's regular 'ol socks with some puff paint!

Such a easy and frugal solution!

What You Need:
Puff Paint

To Do: 
Apply puff paint to clean socks in any pattern or design you desire. Let dry for 4 hours. They can be washed in 72 hours.

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