Friday, September 17, 2010

Huggies Diapers - Free or Almost Free at Rite Aid

Couponing blogs are sharing all about the upcoming deal on Huggies diapers to be had at Rite Aid next week. If you have a Rite Aid nearby and diaper wearing kids at home you'll want to check out this deal!1

The deal isn't simple as it uses 5 coupons to get 3 packages of Huggies diapers, but since you'll be getting them for such a great deal (or FREE) it's worth trying your hand at couponing. There are many blogs that have already outlined all the details for the deal so I will send you their way to see how to do it.

To learn about this deal and print coupons see these blogs:

Fabulessly Frugal

The Thrify Couple

Money Saving Mom

FYI: The only point I feel they are neglecting to tell you is that you can not use more coupons than items. This deal has you using 5 coupons to purchase 3 items so be sure to pick up "filler" items (like cheap pencils or something else on your list) so you have at least as many items as coupons.

Good Luck. I hope you can score some FREE diapers next week!


  1. Thank you!!!! It took me awhile to compile everything, but I think I got it figured:) Look out Rite Aid- I'll be there first thing monday morning

  2. Good Luck Amy. It can be tricky sometimes, but it's totally worth it!

  3. I just did this offer at our local riteaid. It was successful, but here are a couple details about the trip.
    I purchased:
    3 packages of Jumbo Pure and Natural Diapers ($27)

    Coupons I used: (-15)
    3 $3 off Pure and Natural
    1 $1 off Huggies
    1 $5 off RiteAid purchase of $25 or more

    Spent $12 out of pocket

    Received 3 $2 UP rewards (which are coupons that print out with the receipt)

    Went to, scrolled down to the bottom where it says, "Single Check Rebates", enrolled in that program, gave them my receipt info. I should get a $10 GC from that rebate program.

    If the rebate comes like it should, I will be ahead $4 dollars to be spent at Rite Aid.

    Great couponing experience.

  4. Awesome Emily. I did the diaper deal too. I've done rebates through Rite Aid/GC before and I've always recieved them . . . sometimes it takes like 6 weeks but they do come!



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