Friday, September 17, 2010

Family Fun - Bowling!

Want something fun for the whole family to do this weekend (or anytime)? Go bowling! 

Heading to the bowling alley as a kid was a special treat. We went about twice a year as a family and had so much fun. My kids love to bowl too. Everything from the shoes, the colorful balls and cheering for everyone has them excited. The look on their faces when they hit a pin is priceless!

Most bowling alleys have bumpers and ball ramps to make bowling a great experience for kids.

Want to mix things up from traditional bowling? Here are a few ideas.

* Every time someone gets a gutter ball they have to roll up their pant leg.
* Bring a bowl of M&M's and each color will represent a different way to bowl. Pick one with your eyes closed before it's your turn.
For example:
Red- Bowl granny style between your legs
Blue- Bowl with your opposite hand
Green- Bowl backwards
Yellow- Lay down and bowl on your stomach
* Dress up and head to the lanes. This was a fun one to do with my friends in high school. Dressing always make things more fun!

Any more bowling ideas out there? Please share!

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