Wednesday, September 22, 2010

:10 Things About Me:

Just for fun (and so you know a little bit more about me) here are 10 things about me.

1. When I was 17 I wanted my highlighted hair brown again so I colored it with box color - by myself. I ended up with orange roots and brown tips. I cried, a lot. Two salon trips and $140 later I ended up with almost black hair. Luckily it faded quickly. What we do in the name of beauty, huh?

2. I don't feel like any meal is complete (even breakfast) without something sweet. Chocolate and ice cream are my go to goodies, but anything will do.

3. When I was 8 I was in a commercial for a local furniture store. Another boy and I pretended to be a couple shopping for furniture and arguing over why we choose to go to that store. My line was "because of the large selection." It was kind of a mouth full for a toothless 8 year old.

4. My husband and I didn't cut our cake at our wedding. We weren't even going to have a cake (I just didn't care about it that much), but my aunt did make a beautiful cake for us last minute. I think I didn't want my husband to smash cake in my face because I'm sure he would have.

5. My small hand cheese grater is my favorite kitchen utensil/gadget. Love that thing (more about that soon).

6. At this point in my life I often find myself choosing my grocery store according to their accommodations for kids as opposed to great deals and coupon match-ups. Kroger has a cart that will fit all 4 of my children, they give out free cookies, pack my groceries and take them to my car for me. I love great customer service.

7. I worked as a telemarketer for 2 weeks in high school. What a boring and frustrating job. Thankfully I got a different job that I had applied for at the same time.

8. I was curling my bangs getting ready for my 8th grade choir party when I smelled something burning. Then I noticed the sizzling. I removed the curling iron from my hair to find part of my bangs burnt onto the rod in a charred mess. Ahhhh! My mom wasn't even home to help me fix the mess that my hair had become.  (2 hair stories, sorry).

9. I do about 90% of the driving when both my husband and I are in the car. He doesn't like to drive and I do.  I'm a very annoying side seat driver (gasping, putting on the imaginary brake, bracing around every turn) so we get along much better when I drive.

10. Today I'll be eating cheesecake for lunch, taking a nap (it's my birthday so I can do that) and hopefully doing some crafting!

Do any of you ladies do most of the driving in your family?!

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  1. Happy birthday! And it sounds like you have some great hair stories. (:

  2. HA HA, I totally remember the bangs burned onto the curling iron incedent, not that I was there when it actually happened, but afterwards I mean. At least you never dyed your hair fuschia and then styled it about three feet wide like a sister older sister I know.

  3. Happy Birthday! Cheesecake for lunch sounds delicious!

  4. I loved your story about your bangs. I lived in Australia when I was a teen, and didn't have a blow dryer. So I set my wet hair on curlers and then put a space hearter on the kitchen table, I put my head on my arms to let the top of my head get dry......yes, I burnt off the whole top of my hair.

    I also don't let my husband drive when we are together. I drive him crazy with my back seat driving.



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