Thursday, August 19, 2010

Four Frugal Habits

I was putting on my make-up this morning and got to thinking about some of my frugal habits - all those funny little things I do to save a penny or a dollar or two. So here are a few of my frugal habits that have saved our little family some money over time.

Four Frugal Habits
1. I use Wet-n-Wild eye liner and eyeshadow. This makeup has been around for centuries and it's still as cheap as ever. I don't remember how much it cost exactly, but I'm pretty sure only about $1.50 - 3.00. It works well and I like the colors (greens and browns in case you're curious). Plus, if my kids destroy it or is shatters on the bathroom floor it doesn't break the bank to replace it.

2. I wash out swim diapers and reuse them. If you don't have kids you are probably curling up in a ball and shaking your head at hearing that, but think about it - swim diapers only hold in the poo, not pee (sorry if that is too much information). I actually got this idea from blog hopping a while back and I love it. Swim diapers are so expensive and if they aren't soiled then you can rinse them well and let them dry out and use again. Rinse, Repeat, and Save!!

3. I mop with water and dish soap. I must admit that I LOVE the clean scent of Pine-Sol, but a small squirt of dish soap and a bucket of hot soapy water does the trick to get my floors clean.

4. We cut our own hair. I grew up in a home where my mother was the one who cut everyone in my family's and all the neighborhood's hair too. I've since continued the tradition. I cut the girl's hair and trim my own bangs and my husband cuts his own hair and my son's.

If we went to a cheap salon it would cost about $60 every six weeks or so (I think my numbers are conservative here too)! Yikes we can not afford that. So who cuts my hair? My mom, just like she always has for the past 27 years of my life. I don't live by her any more, so I just wait until she comes to visit.

So there you have it. A few of my funny frugal habits. I have more, but will save them for another day.

What are your frugal habits? I'd love to hear so I can adopt some of them as mine!! Will you share with me?

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  1. I also use pretty much all drugstore makeup. It works pretty well and I don't see any reason to spend more. I shop at thrift stores ALL the time and now have a hard time paying full price for anything even if I need it. I buy certain foods when they're a good price and then store them in a closet so I always have extras on hand.

  2. Gotta love wet n' wild! I am with you on the swim diapers. They are very expensive. Typically I just let the little diva go naked in her little wading pool, but will be buying the diapers for her first pool party on Labor Day. Visiting from New Friend Friday.

  3. Yes, thrift stores are a must Lisa!! I love browsing around, you never know what you can find!

  4. Daisha - I love this blog. I just washed my dust pan in the dishwasher thanks to you! I had someone give me a washable swim diaper and I haven't bought any swim diapers since. Love it, but I also used cloth diapers. They more than paid for themselves with baby #1 and now I figure I'm making money on #2 and #3.

  5. Thanks for stopping by my "other" blog and checking out my list of Linky Party's! I love hearing from others and you totally made my day! I love your frugal tips! Especially the swim diaper one! That's amazing! I would have never thought of that trick! Thanks!

    Stephanie @ My Frugal Lifestyle

  6. I buy cloth swim diapers, it's the best way to go. The ones I bought are about $12, they dry out quick too. They keep in the poop- nothing truly keeps in the pee, even the expensive swim diapers.

  7. I am a big fan of makeup. All of their makeup is a dollar, and if you look on line they often have a free shipping code. You can't beat that kind of deal!



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