Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Great Deal on Disney Movies

** This was a promotional deal. It is currently over, but when it beceoms available again I'll let you know!** (8/24)

Have you ever dreamed of having a movie collection of all your favorite Disney movies for your kids, grand kids or nieces and nephews? Both my mom and mom-in-law have a nice collections and I love when we go visit because my kids can watch the classics like Dumbo, Robin Hood and The Great Mouse Detective and the great new ones like Up and

Now that we live 3,000 miles from both grandma's I'm thinking it's time to start my own collection. When I saw the Disney Deal about getting DVD's for only $1 I remember my friend had told me about the great deal a few years ago. So I contacted her a few days about it and got the scoop on it from her and read about it on the site.

When joining you get to pick 4 DVD's for $1 each. Then you are required to purchase 5 more movies within the next year for only $19.95. The total for 9 Disney DVD is only $104 - only $11.55 per DVD!!

Even better is that they give you an even better deal if you choose 2 of your additional 5 DVD purchases in your first order and you get one for $14.95 and the other for only $9.95!!! AMAZING! That's only $9.90 a  DVD (Total $89)!

The list of DVD titles is amazing and they even have movies like Sweet Home Alabama.

Once you purchased your 5 additional movies you can cancel you membership if you're not interested anymore.

If you've wanted to start a collection or are looking for great stocking stuffers for the upcoming holiday season you'll want to check out this deal! These deals beat buying the movies at the store for $20-$25!

Click on the Logo to get all the details!

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