Sunday, August 29, 2010

FREE Gain Dishwashing Liquid

My favorite thing about couponing is when I can stockpile an item with a great deal and then not have to worry about purchasing that item for several months or even a year later (like I did with Purex).

There is a new Gain Dishwashing Liquid Coupon (11oz) available in the 8/29 Proctor and Gamble coupon insert. Use this $1/1 coupon to get Gain for FREE at Walmart. Their Gain is on regular price for .97!!

Don't get the newspaper? No worries, I don't either! I just went to Ebay, and searched for the coupon there (Click HERE to find the listing). I was able to purchase 20 Gain coupons for $5.50. Now instead of paying .97 for each bottle I'll only be paying .27 each (because I had to purchase the coupons)!! The coupon doesn't expire until 9/30 so there is plenty of time buy them, have it shipped to you and to do your shopping.

20 Bottles for $5.50. LOVE it! See how fun couponing can be!

** Tips about purchasing coupons on Ebay**
I avoid bidding on coupons. I'm not patient enough and usually want to get the coupons fast and get my purchases done. So instead I search by clicking on the "BUY IT NOW ONLY" Button.

I also use the right hand pull down to search by "nearest distance" so I get my coupons faster. This isn't too important with this deal as .97 is Walmart's regular price right now and you have until 9/30 to use them.

This will likely be a popular coupon as it gets you a free product. If you wait to long to purchase the coupons it's likely the Price will go up as the demand does.

YMMV - Your Mileage May Vary. If you've taken time to check out some of the coupon blogs I recommended you may have seen this phrase be used. It means that each store price and cashier's attitude and policy might vary (even though they should all be the same).

The price of Gain at your Walmart might be a bit different than mine and some cashiers won't let you use a coupon that has a value more than the price of the product you are purchasing. Thankfully I've never had this problem. Just ask a manager and kindly remind the cashier that the manufacturer will be paying them the $1 instead of you paying it and it is a proper and honest transaction.

Coupon Etiquette- Even though you might have 20 coupons please be kind and don't clear the store shelves. This deal goes on for a month so you could use 10 coupons now and come back later or go to another store in a few days.

Have you caught the coupon bug lately?

Thanks to Hip2Save for spotting this deal!

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