Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Candy Cane Reindeer

This little craft brings back so many memories of Christmas as a kid. I used to love making these little guys with my mom and decided it was time to introduce them to my own kids. They loved them and had so much fun picking out different eyeball combinations!!

This is such a quick and easy craft to do with your kids. Just be sure you are the one doing the hot glueing :)

All you need are a few simple things:
* Candy canes
* Brown pipe cleaners (found at walmart)
* Google Eyes
* Red nose (candy, holly berry, etc . . .)
* Hot Glue gun

Cut pipe cleaners in sections - about 4-5 inches for main antlers and about 1-2 inches for smaller forks of the antlers.

Twist the large pipe cleaner around the candy cane to secure and them bend ends up. Take a small piece and wrap it around the larger section to make the forks of the antlers.

Glue on the eyes and nose and you've got a cute little reindeer to share with friends, hang on your tree etc. . . . Have fun!!


  1. Oh my gosh! You just brought back a childhood memory for me and my daughter would LOVE these too! I remember making those as a kid!
    (found you on Somewhat Simple-Strut Your Stuff link party)

  2. Hey Sarah! I love bringing back some of the old classic decor and traditions. Hope you get a chance to make some with your daughter!



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